Data Center Thermal Profiler

EWEN’s Data Center Thermal Profiling System provides is a powerful tool in the quest for DC Energy Efficiency improvement. EWEN’s energy audit of a DC, now includes a complete thermal profiling of the Data Center. Accurate analysis of air flows and temperatures is difficult to perform in a DC without CFD. EWEN’s new tool, includes hardware and software to record thousands of temperature and humidity measurements. This data is later processed by EWEN and made available to our clients, via a web-based and highly interactive Dashboards.

Fluxo data

EWEN’s Data Center Thermal Profiling System provides:
- 3D visualization of temperatures & humidity in the Data Center, as well as rack inlet and outlet air temperature profiles;
- Real temp. & humidity data, plotted on Psychometric charts, enabling verification of compliance with ASHRAE’s recommendations for DC’s;
- Flow rate of the floor grills;
- Detailed occupancy slots and missing blanking plates;
- IT Power versus air temperatures for each rack;
Apart from this, EWEN’s auditing team, analyses the entire cooling system, and provide recommendations for improving the overall energy efficiency, including maximization of free cooling if existing or feasible.

Interactive Dashboard - Go ahead and interact with the Dashboard presented below.