EWEN carries out technical audits in thermal power plants and respective distribution network, through characterization of thermal energy consumption, consumed by steam generators or thermal fluid, suggesting appropriate solutions to minimize costs.

Methodology of the e+Steam service from EWEN:

- Steam generators of income assessment and / or thermal fluid;

- Registration of Electrical consumption of pumps and fans;

- Register replacement water flow to the boiler;

- Critical evaluation of the existing steam network and / or thermal fluid (dimensioning and insulation), and any recommendation of "revamp" (boost / changes);

- Identification and characterization of consumers;

- Critical evaluation of the suitability of the generators towards real needs;

- Survey and Inspection of Steam Traps, Steam System and Condensate

- Thermographic Analysis of Steam Distribution network;

- Identification of measures that will provide the reduction of energy costs along with the respective economic viability study.