EWEN carries out an Energy Procurement Service, which consists in a mediation and negotiation process through a profound analyze of tariffs with an objective of finding the most suitable contract model to the reality and needs of each of our clients. e+ Procurement uses for this purpose its own specific methodologies, processes and tools.

Advantages of the solution e+Procurement:

- Cost of service, can be based on results;

Exclusive focus on cost reduction;

Customer guarantee of best tariff system at any moment, for any type of energy;

Integrated power purchase management;

Systematic monitoring of invoices;

Annual report preparation with the aggregation of invoices and other relevant information.


Analysis of monthly invoices, with detailed information for our Client, and validation of values;

Claim of any incorrect bill, including interaction with the energy supplier.

Drafting a quarterly basis report summarizing the entire invoicing and any other relevant information.