The Monitoring System and Energy Management "e+ Monitor" (Remote Monitoring and Energy Management System) is totally developed by EWEN, a solution which enables energy  control, consumption, and consequent energy management, as well as monitors any other physical parameter (water, pressure, temperature, etc.).

Advantages of the solution and + Monitor:
- Web access (any "browser");
- Knowing consumer profiles or other physical parameter;
- Knowing the relationship between consumption and actions / reactions planned;
- Knowing trends in consumption and costs;
- Access to information in a simple, fast and effective way, allowing for immediate identification of opportunities and / or rationalization actions of energy and water;
- Ability to gather information for benchmarking analysis;
- Possibility to, continuously identify opportunities to increase productivity levels, maximizing operating results of the company;
- Promotes energy management and rationalization of water consumption ... motivating employees through knowledge;
- Meet specific consumption and compare them between Units / Production Lines;
- Allocate energy costs rigorously by area / department;
- Detect errors in billing of energy suppliers;
- Warning alarms;
- Developed in Portugal.


Image 1 - Profile consumption and cost


Image 2 - Comparative analysis with adaptive scale


Image 3 - Channel analysis of the same type


Image 4 - Comparison channels between two periods


Image 5 - Cost analysis and consumption by tariff period

Image 6 - Calendar View