EWEN designs and manufactures (under its own brand "e+Jacket") high-quality flexible thermal insulation jackets, for any type of industrial equipment (valves, heat exchangers, piping, filters, steam traps, boiler components, generator exhaust systems, steam turbines, gas turbines, etc.).

The main advantage of this solution, as an alternative to the classic solution, (with aluminum housing) is the fast and easy installation and removal of the jacket. The traditional insulation of valves, most often only lasts up to first maintenance intervention on the valve. This is why in industry most valves are not insulated.

Advantages of our flexible valve jackets:

- 95% reduction in heat losses;
- 90% productivity gains in maintenance activity (assembly/disassembly) compared to traditional solution;
- Return on investment between 3 and 18 months (for non-insulated surface temperatures between 240C and 60C, respectively).

We can custom manufacture a jacket for any piping component or equipment / machine, such as: valves, piping, pumps, extruders (plastic / rubber industry), filters, tanks, heat exchangers, boiler burner flanges, generator exhaust pipes, etc.).

Developed and manufactured by EWEN in Portugal/EU.

Examples of the application of flexible valve jackets (e+ Jacket), click here:  pdf


Image 1 - Valve temperature with and without flexible thermal insulation 


Image 2 - Industrial valves with e+Jacket Insulation