EWEN is an Energy Service Company recognized by DGEG (Portuguese National Energy Authority) for developing Energy Audits and the respective rationalization plans of energy consumption under the SGCIE (a Management System of Intensive Energy Consumption), regulated and applied to intensive energy consuming facilities.

Within the identification of opportunities for the reduction of energy consumption, EWEN can perform the following engineering services:

Level 1: WTA (Walk-Through Audit): ideal for companies that want to have a quick idea on possible efficiency improvement opportunities, quickly and with minimal investment.

Level 2: ED (Energy Diagnostic): This can Global (the whole company) or Specific (a system). It is a detailed, and 100% practice-oriented setting measures for energy cost reduction, but without the requirements of an official audit.

Level 3: Official Audit (SGCIE - PT) official audit in accordance with Portuguese legal requirements, it entails a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the entire facility.