Big Data / Cloud / Internet of Things / Convert Data into Information.

The HARDWARE is only as good as the SOFTWARE running on the machine, and the SOFTWARE is only as good as the USER that is using it.

Recent technologies allow us to obtain ever-increasing quantities of data, with ever-decreasing costs and practically in Real-Time. 

Demo 1 - Monitoring system

Getting data is no longer a problem for any company. However moving from “have data” to “have useful information for management / decision support”, is a task that is usually underestimated, sometimes totally unknown and unexplored.

Many managers are not conscious of what is possible today, for processing the available data, to generate useful information, in a rapid and systematic manner, without errors, and highly interactive.

EWEN has solid know-how and long experience in handling & processing large quantities of data. We add to this know-how and experience, a good dose of imagination, using the most advanced technologies, that enable us to create truly useful management support tools for our clients.

We have created in our e+Dataminer platform, a significant number of applications, that are powerful and easy to use, in various sectors (these applications are always available via Web, on any PC / laptop, or any web-enabled device). Some sectors /applications:
a) In the energy management area
b) In the Project Controls area, for large construction projects

Challenge us to transform your data into useful information in your company!

The following images, present some examples. Discover the interactivity available.

Find out what EWEN can do with your data, with our e+Dataminer!


Image 1 - Earned Value Management Application


Image 2 - Application for consumption analysis


Image 3 - Reactive Energy Cost Calculation


Image 4 - Consumption profile


Image 5 -Comparison Consumer Profiles


Image 6 -Application for Consumer Profiles analysis


Image 7 -Consumptions Benchmarking