Road-map of EWEN's e+Air (compressed air system audit):

    At the compressed air plant:

    - We analyse the plant's equipment and layout, including compressors, filters, dryers, and reservoirs);

    - We measure the energy consumption of the plant, and simultaneously measure the compressed air production, to obtain the specific energy consumption of the plant;

    - For measuring the air production, we use a "hot-tapping" technique, which enables us to introduce our flow / pressure / dew-point sensors, without interrupting the operation of the compressed air   plant.

    At the compressed air piping network:

    - We analyse the layout of the piping network, and its adequacy for the current plant it serves;

    - We execute a detailed leak detection campaign, identifying and classifying all the air leaks, using ultra-sonic equipment;

    During our audit:

    - Integrator and transmitter via GPRS, to obtain data in real time and online during the measurement campaign;

    Our e+Air Audit Report:

    - Presents a detailed analysis of the energy consumption, air pressure and quality and specific energy consumption;

     -Proposes measures to improve the efficiency of the compressed air plant, which could be adding VSD's, acquiring new equipment, changing the control philosophy, reducing the air pressure;

     -Proposes measures related to the compressed air network, which could be: resizing of loops, separating or joining piping loops, adding control valves to isolate parts of the loops, during part-       operation of the plant, air leak correction, adding localized booster compressors (to allow lowering of pressure for remaining network), adding reservoirs close to equipment with peak demands, etc;

    - Any measure is presented with field-collected and analysed data and corresponding detailed calculations, as well as a detailed cost estimate and economic feasibility study.


    Image 1 - Installing the flowmeter with "hot-tapping"


    Image 2 - Installation for sending data via GPRS


    Image 3 - Model developed by Ewen


    Image 4 - Display of data in the application e+Monitor (Remote Monitoring and Energy Management System)